How to get started in real estate photography: The Build A Photography Business Show

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There's a lot more to getting started in real estate photography than just learning some new skills or getting a wide-angle lens.

In this video I went through a 3-stage process covering 7 different areas of your business, and I think this will help you get your new venture off to the best possible start.

What if you're moving to a new city or town?

This process can also work really well for an established real estate photographer who is moving to a new location. Essentially they are starting a new business, but they'll be a little further down the path than the photographer starting from scratch.

So if you are relocating, you can use this process as well to help kick start your real estate photography business.

What about established photographers who are staying where they are?

Again, this process is still helpful for them. If you've been doing real estate photography for a year or more then you should be well-established, but maybe there are still some gaps in your business that you need to assess.

Would you rank yourself 10 out of 10 for every area of your business, and not just for your photography skills?

If not, then this process is probably going to help you as well to take stock of where you're at, and make the changes needed to get to where you want to be.

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