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Press Play to learn how 1-to-1 coaching can help you as a real estate or architectural photographer.

This is not just another course - it's a coaching program that is designed to train you, give you the marketing tools you need to grow, and then support you every step of the way. 

What do photographers say about REPS?

"After joining and receiving all the information needed to really lift the business I was able to turn it into a successful business in what I would consider a short amount of time."

How will this program help you?

There are six areas a photographer needs to excel in and The Real Estate Photography System will help you with all of these:

1. Brand

2. Marketing

3. Pricing

4. Services

5. Systems

6. Self

One-to-one Coaching

Your 30 day trial includes Premium Membership and all of the benefits of that, regardless of which membership you choose to go with at the end of the 30 day trial.

This means we’ll get together for two private coaching sessions to talk about where you’re at and what you need to do next to keep your business moving forward.

What's the benefit of private coaching?

Elite athletes and top business executives excel at what they do, yet they still have a coach for the same reason why a coach can help you in your business:

  • A coach provides a second set of eyes and can help you see things that you can’t because you’re too close to the action.
  • A coach can provide you with a framework for moving forward, so you have a plan for where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.
  • A coach can guide you with their experience or push you further than you think you can go, whether that’s with your photography or the operation of your business.
  • A coach can help you tidy up your technique or show you a new way of doing things that is easier, better, or more efficient.

If you would like to work with me as your coach, I’ll help you:

  • Address technical issues with your photography
  • Provide guidance on how YOU can best market your services and attract more clients
  • Address your individual needs as they arrive - so things like difficult clients, or quotes for unusual projects
  • Act as a sounding board so you can feel confident in your decision making.

I only work with one photographer in each area

Why only one?

I create these exclusive tools and resources that members of REPS can use, and the effectiveness of those marketing tools would be limited if multiple photographers in the same area were using them to target the same prospects.

So if you are interested I would encourage you to act quickly.

I’ve had quite a number of photographers desperately wanting to work with me, and I have to give them the news that unfortunately I can’t help them because someone else got in ahead of them.

Would you like to know if your area is still available?

Enter your details in the form below, and I'll let you know if I currently have space available for you.

    Your Name (required)

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    What area do you cover? Be sure to include the town or city, the state, and the country (required)


    As an example, in the map above I've indicated the area that might be covered by a fictitious photographer in Philadelphia (approx 30 mile radius around the city). 

    Within this scenario, I would not work with another photographer in Philadelphia, but I could work with another photographer in Atlantic City, another in Brick Township, another in Allentown and another in New York City, provided those photographers do not also cover Philadelphia.

    Who am I?

    I'm Darryl Stringer, and I started in real estate photography back in 1998. During those early years I made a lot of mistakes, but I eventually figured out how to make it work as a real estate and architectural photographer. By the time I sold my business in 2015 I had made over $2.7 million in photography sales.
    Since 2015 I have been a full-time photography coach, and my goal is to help other photographers avoid the mistakes I made, guide them towards making great choices as business owners, and provide them with the tools and resources that will enable them to be as successful as they want to be.

    Take a 30 day trial

    If you join before another photographer takes your area you can take a test drive of Premium Membership for 30 days for just $49.

    What happens after you join?

    At any time during the 30 day trial you can choose to leave the program and pay nothing more. Or if you choose to stay you'll automatically start paying a monthly or annual fee. There are three different membership levels to choose from.

    What does it cost after the 30 day trial?

    We've got three membership levels for you to choose from, with either a monthly or annual fee.

    Please note that there is no lock-in contract, so you are free to leave REPS at any time.

    Premium Membership


    Per Month

    • Access to 500+ training modules and marketing tools

    • Private 1-to-1 coaching

    • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

    • Access to private Facebook Group to engage with me and other team members around the world

    • Email access to me at any time

    • Pre-pay for 12 months = $1795 (a saving of $545)

    Group Membership Most Popular!


    Per Month

    • Access to 500+ training modules and marketing tools

    • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

    • Access to private Facebook Group to engage with me and other team members around the world

    • Email access to me at any time

    • Pre-pay for 12 months = $1295 (a saving of $373)

    Basic Membership


    Per Month
    • Access to 300+ training modules and marketing tools
    • Pre-pay for 12 months = $950 (a saving of $238)

    Do you work in a town or area with a population of less than 100,000?

    I know that the opportunities to work as a real estate photographer in a smaller town with fewer real estate listings means less jobs, and I don’t want any photographer to be held back just because they live in a smaller town instead of a major city. To find out more send me an email with a note about the area you live in and the population of that area, and I’ll send you pricing details for a town of your size.

    Not sure if you really need this?

    Here are some of the responses I've heard from photographers:

    "I already have enough clients."

    Do you? What happens if one or two of your biggest clients leave? I know that this has happened to photographers I know. They've become reliant on a small number of clients who are keeping them very busy, but when those clients leave the photographers don't have enough other clients to cover for them.

    The fact is that every photographer can take on more clients by making changes in their business, and increase their revenue and their profit margins. There are things we can do to diversify the market and find new opportunities, but sometimes it takes someone standing away from the coal face to see what's really going on. That's where we can help.

    "I'm too busy to get the most out of this."

    Most photographers would like to have more time to work on their business, and having a business coach to keep you accountable for coaching sessions and tasks might be just what you need to make the changes that you've been meaning to make for a long time.

    Think about it - are you more likely to take time out to work on your business and do the things you want to do if you're working by yourself ...

    ... or is it much more likely to happen if you're working with a business coach?

    "I can't afford this right now."

    I know finances can be a challenge, but can you afford not to invest in yourself?

    Think of the time and money you've already invested in your business, and how you would feel if one day you found that there just weren't enough photo shoots coming in for you anymore. What would that be like for you?

    Don't risk it. With a team of other photographers, together with the training and resources I provide you with, you'll be giving yourself the best possible chance of not just keeping your business alive, but giving it every chance to grow and thrive and be the best it can be.

    "I want to move beyond real estate photography, and do more commercial shoots."

    We can help you there, too! Providing marketing and training for photographers to move outside of the real estate industry and really diversify their client base is a HUGE part of what we do in The Real Estate Photography System.

    We have a lot of tools available to help you get more clients in the hotel industry, architecture, interior design, building supplies and more. Whilst real estate photography might be your bread and butter, I actively encourage all of my team members and provide them with training to move beyond real estate as well.

    Submit an application to join

    Thank you so much for your interest in the Real Estate Photography System. Here is the process to join:

    Step 1. Complete the application form below, being as detailed as you can.

    Please note that completing this application form does not necessarily mean that you will become a member. It is only an application.

    Step 2. I will let you know within 48 hours whether you have been successful or not.

    If you are successful then I will send you a link to my website where you can choose which membership level you would like to go with at the end of your 30 day trial. Choose the membership level you want, pay just $49, and only at the end of that 30 day trial will you make any further payment.

    Step 3. Once payment has been made I will provide you with access to everything inside REPS

    Step 4. At any point during your 30 day trial you can choose to leave ...

    ... and if you're disappointed let me know if you would like a full refund. If you choose to stay then you will automatically continue at one of three membership levels: Premium, Group or Basic Membership. Click here to see details about the membership levels.

    This 30 day trial is not available to people who have previously been members of this coaching program. If you've already done a 30 day trial of REPS then you are already familiar with what we have, so the 30 day trial isn't necessary. You're welcome to reapply, or send me an email, and if I have a vacancy I'd love to resume working with you, but you would go straight to the standard monthly membership fee. 


    Please make sure you’ve completed every question. Then, click on the “I want to build my business” button at the bottom of the screen to submit your application.

    Note: If you have any problems with the form not working you're welcome to send me an email and we'll do the application that way instead. My address is:

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      What is the largest town or city in your coverage area? For example, if you live in a particular suburb or town, but cover a metropolitan city area, place the name of that city area into the box below:

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      Country (required)

      Why do you want to join the Real Estate Photography System?

      Are you committed to doing what needs to be done to build your business, and are you willing to put the time into it?

      Can you afford the monthly membership fees?

      Do you intend to stay with the program beyond the 30 day trial, provided it meets your expectations? Note that saying 'Yes' does not mean you have to stay, only that you intend to if you find the program is ideal for you and your business.

      How long have you been doing real estate photography?

      What's going on in your business that's good?

      What's going on in your business that's not so good?

      Current annual sales:

      How much do you think you should be doing in annual sales?

      Is there anything else you'd like me to know about you or your business?

      Do you have any questions for me that you would like me to answer for you?

      I would be truly honored if I could work with you on your business, but whether you would like me to work with you or not here's what I'd like you to take away from this:

      The success of your business is not up to your competition, or your marketplace, or your background, or anyone else. It's up to you.

      So here's what I'd like you to be saying to yourself:

      "I will work on my photography, marketing and pricing. I will build my business from the foundation up, and my business will grow because of the hard work I put in to it. I will not give up. I will be constantly learning, always moving forward, always doing better than the day before, because this business is my responsibility and I will make it a success!!"

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      -- Darryl Stringer

      P.S.: As I mentioned earlier I only have room for one photographer in your area. This could be your chance to really make a difference in your business, so say "Yes!" to this today, and let's make things happen!