Real estate photography - group coaching call 32

Real estate photography – Group coaching call #32

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Every week I run a group coaching call where real estate photographers from around the world join me for a live online chat for an hour, and I thought you might be interested to see what we covered in the call I ran last Friday (January 29th, 2016).

In this video I quickly run through 9 of the things we covered in that 1 hour session for real estate photographers: marketing, finding new clients, social media, and more.

After going through this video you’ll notice a couple of things:

One is that I put together a lot of marketing resources for the team members so that they don’t have to. And this was just one session – we do these calls every single week.

And two is that I’m there as a coach to push the photographers in the group to get stuff done. We all get stuck sometimes and we let things pass – so that’s where that encouragement and that ‘push’ to complete things is so valuable. Kind of like a personal fitness trainer, but for business people.

Anyway, I thought you’d find that interesting to see what goes on inside one of our weekly group calls.

Would you like to find out more about these group calls for real estate photographers?

If you’d like to find out how you can join in with these group coaching calls for real estate photographers that happen every week then you can send me an email or a message via my Facebook Page and I can tell you more about it.



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