Real estate photography: Are you busy or profitable?

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Let’s have a chat about real estate photography pricing and profits.

As a photographer, are you busy, or profitable?

A lot of photographers look at how busy they are, and they see these shoots coming in, and they think, “I am doing really well!” However, they’ve confused being busy with being profitable, and the two are not the same.

And I can tell you that from experience.

I would strongly encourage you to carefully look at this issue of profitability, because if you don’t get it right (usually because your photography prices are too low), then that’s really going to hurt you. I’ve been there myself, so I know what it’s like.

In the video called “Real estate photography: pricing and profits” I talk very briefly about my business, and how many years ago I was really busy, and it felt good, but I wasn’t really doing well financially.

Fortunately I’ve learned a lot from those early mistakes, and I now advise all of my photography friends to think this through very carefully.

If you would like to dig deeper into this then in my free video training series on real estate photography I go through in much more detail how to calculate what you need to be charging, and how to set your prices. One thing I emphasize there is this:

You can’t substitute great photography for bad numbers.

In other words, you might be shooting really well, but if your numbers are bad, if your prices aren’t high enough for your costs, then your great photography won’t mean much because you won’t be able to stay viable.

So here are some questions I’d like you to think about:

  • Do you know your numbers?
  • Do you how much you need to be bringing in every week to make a profit?
  • Do you know exactly what it costs you to fulfil a photo shoot?

If you really want to get on top of this then have a chat with me sometime. You can contact me via the contact form on this website, or send me a message via my Facebook Page, and we can take a look at what you’re doing and where I might be able to help you turn things around with your prices and profits.