Positioning your photography business and why it matters

In Real estate photography marketing by Build A Photography Business

Here are the five key elements of your photography business:

1. Positioning
2. Marketing
3. Photography
4. Pricing
5. Having a diverse client base.

If these five elements aren’t balanced properly, and if you don’t give each of them enough attention then your business could be in trouble.

I’m going to cover each of these in subsequent videos, but we’ll start by looking at the role that the positioning of your business has on your success, and how it can help you or hinder you as you seek more clients and higher photography fees.

Now what I mean by positioning is how do your clients and prospects see you? So it’s not how you see yourself but it’s about how they see you, and that’s something you can and should control.

Would you like me to help you with the positioning of your business?

In the video above I present a couple of examples, but I’m also available to work one-on-one with a very limited number of photographers who specialize in architectural, interior, and real estate photography.

You can find out more about my coaching and marketing program, where I’ll provide you with the positioning tools I spoke about in that video, by visiting: buildaphotographybusiness.com/reps/

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