Real estate photographers: How to compete against really good photographers

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In this video I share four tips that you can use if you’re in a market where there are a lot of amazing real estate or architectural photographers.

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Video transcript:

What do you do if you’re a real estate photographer or an architectural photographer, and you’re in an area that has other really good photographers? I’ve got 4 ideas that you can use so let’s take a look!

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So today I’ve got 4 ideas you can use if you’re in a market that has a bunch of other really good photographers, and I just want to say from the start that this assumes that you’ve got some pretty smooth photo skills as well. I mean, if you’re in a strong market then the minimum standard that a lot of your potential clients will be after will be higher than they would be in other markets so your photo skills would need to be up here, not down here.

You see, the thing with being in a market with lots of other talented photographers is that the usual sales approach that says something like, ‘my photos are amazing’, well that’s just not going to work so well when a lot of potential clients are already using amazing photos.

So what can you do?

1. Look for the gap in the market

Well, the first thing you could do is look for the gap in the market. Find what you can do that’s different, and make that your thing.

For example, you might offer a different product that other photographers aren’t offering, or maybe a different experience when it comes to booking a photo shoot, or maybe you do offer a higher level of photography. It’s going to have to be super amazing but if you can do it then that’s great!

Whatever it is for your area, find the space where you fit so you’re not exactly the same as everyone else.

2. Be kind and generous, not arrogant

The second thing to note is that people would rather work with a kind and generous photographer who has average photo skills than a superstar photographer who is rude and hard to work with.

If you can focus on being cooperative and friendly then word will get around because none of your potential clients enjoy working with an arrogant photographer, and that might be enough to differentiate you from your competition.

3. Learn more about the market

The third idea is to make yourself more knowledgeable when it comes to what’s going on in your local real estate market, and also more knowledgeable around the industries you work with, and then look for opportunities based on what you learn.

What do I mean by that?

Well, the more you can demonstrate your expertise in the industry as a whole, rather than just photo skills, the greater your advantage over your rivals who are purely focused on their photography, and that’s because better knowledge of your industry will show your dream clients that you can contribute in ways beyond simply knowing how to take a pretty picture.

You can actually talk knowledgeably about their marketing needs and how that connects with what you do, and you’ll find that your clients and prospects really appreciate that.

4. Be an expert & create content

Alright, now the fourth idea is to create content so that you’re known as an expert and not just a photographer. So I’m talking about blog posts and videos and social media content that educates and informs, and that’s going to be something that’s going to position you as a leader who really knows what you’re talking about, and what your clients need in order to win.


Alright, that’s it for today, but if you’d like me to help you compete against really good photographers then send me a message or go to my website to learn more about my training and coaching program.

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