How to balance your photography business and your family so both sides win: The Build A Photography Business Show

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How can a real estate or architectural photographer find a balance between their business and their family, and do it in a way that both sides win?

We know what it's like being a photographer - you shoot all day, then you get back home and handle the editing, the emails that you've missed, your social media posts, your invoices (both incoming and outgoing) .... and somewhere in there you try and get some quality time with your partner and the kids.

Is this how it has to be?

No it's not, and I've got two options for what you can do to better manage your business and your time so that you can have a life outside of running your own photography business.

I lay out those two options in this live video, but if you've got any further questions about how to implement these ideas in your business send me an email or message me through Instagram or Facebook.