When to outsource your photo editing

In Real estate photography pricing by Build A Photography Business

As a real estate photographer, when should you outsource your photo editing?

Click play on this YouTube video to find out if it’s right for you or not:


Click here to download the PDF worksheet that will help you determine when to outsource your photo editing.

In the above video I walk you through this PDF worksheet that I’ve designed for you so that you can enter your numbers and determine if this is the right choice for you or not.

After all, it’s all about the numbers.

So check out the video and PDF, and you’ll see:

– The three questions that you’ll need to answer with a ‘Yes’ to be really sure that outsourcing is right for you.

– Whether you’re spending too much time editing your images.

– The maximum percentage value that you would want to spend on photo editing, and whether your pricing fits into that.

So whether you’re outsourcing your photo editing or not, I think you’ll find this self-assessment to be a really helpful way to assess where you’re at in your business right now.

But what can you do if outsourcing of your photo editing is not an option for you right now?

I’d suggest that your best option is to increase your prices.

Now maybe that’s a bit scary for you, and it probably means you need to work more on your marketing and positioning so that clients see the value in what you do.

Another option is to find another outsourcing company who can do the quality you need at a cheaper rate. There are a lot out there, so start digging in to that and you may find what you need.

If you need some help with your marketing then I can provide you with the marketing tools you need to be able to charge higher prices. Get in touch with me if you’d like to find out more.

I hope you find this helpful in determining whether or not you should outsource your photo editing, and perhaps it gives you a much better understanding of your pricing and whether you need to make some changes there as well.