Real estate photographers: what should you be doing to build your business?

In Real estate photography marketing by Build A Photography Business

As an architectural or real estate photographer do you know what you ought to be doing to grow your business? Do you have a plan, or are you making it up as you go along?

Yesterday I had our regular group coaching call with the photographers I work with and we spoke about the things that a photographer needs to be working on in their business, including:

– Portfolio development
– Developing a professional website
– Work on your website’s optimization so that you can be found online
– Share content on the social media channels every day
– Create outbound marketing to reach out to ideal clients

I can’t go into the specifics on all that we covered but in this video I do share two points from our discussion that I think you’ll find helpful:

If you’ve got any questions of your own just drop me an email, or ask me what I do to help real estate and architectural photographers with their marketing, pricing and photography.