How to respond to a commercial photography quote request

In Real estate photography marketing by Build A Photography Business

How do you respond to a commercial photography quote request? So when you receive an email from a builder or a hotel or an interior designer asking you for a quote to photograph one of their projects or venues, what do you do?

A lot of photographers put together a quick email reply, and mention their day rate or whatever, and they wonder why no-one is booking them for a shoot. So they blame their high prices, and figure that clients don’t want to pay much for photography.

They could be wrong.

It may simply be that the photographer did not respond appropriately to the request, and in this video I’m going to talk about my recommendation for responding to a commercial photography pricing request. 

Now there are lots of different things you can do, and if you’ve got your own way that’s working for you then don’t go changing it – find what works for you and stick with it.

But some of you might find this helpful, and if you do I’d love to hear about it so I invite you to leave a comment below or send me an email and share your thoughts with me.

So here’s one way to respond:

First of all, don’t just send your commercial photography quote back without first finding out more about the client and this particular photo shoot. Ask to meet with the client, or at least have a phone call with them if they are some distance away.

After the meeting, leave them with some further information about your and your photography business. They may know less than you think about you and what you do, so make sure they are well informed.

Now that you know more about this photo shoot you can send them a detailed quote, addressing their particular needs.

Finally, follow-up with the client. Building a photography business is a long game – you might miss out on this particular job, but there are plenty more on the way and you just don’t know what could be around the corner.


BTW, in the video I mentioned a program that I run that helps photographers with their commercial photography quotes. If you would like to find out more about that program then send me an email or have a look at the website. Cheers!