8 questions from real estate photographers

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Last week I asked real estate photographers to send me their questions, and here are 8 questions that really stood out and I answer them in the video below:

  1. “What is the difference between full and crop sensor when it comes to quality of the images? I know that the lens I choose has a lot to do with it also, but is the camera body worth the money?”
  2. “What is the way to build a good portfolio? How do I get started in real estate photography?”
  3. “How do I advertise myself based on value so that I can charge more and shoot less than the competition?”
  4. “I am interested in increasing my percentage of the commercial higher paying clients. How do I attract a higher class of clientele?”
  5. “What other products or services other than standard real estate photos sell well to agents?”
  6. “How can I have a faster workflow during a shoot and in post?”
  7. “How can I use Photoshop layers better? I’d like to know more about post-processing such as blending and masking in Photoshop.”
  8. “What photography techniques will help me stand out above other real estate photographers?”

If you have any other questions about real estate photography for me, send them in and maybe I can answer your question in a future video.